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Baird's Well Drilling has built & maintained a reputation in the well & pump business of giving you, the customer, honest quality work.

We are able to do this because of our extensive expertise, drilling equipment, modern drilling techniques & procedures.

We also maintain reasonable pricing & back it up with a warranty which is second to none.

- Well Drilling -

  • Before we do any work for you, we will visit you on site at a time that is convenient for you to discuss your water requirements & all other aspects of the proposed job at hand.
  • As a potential customer, we will help provide you with as much factual information as you want about well drilling & water pump systems - and also help debunk the myths which are still prevalent in the business today.
  • We will assist you with your well location selection so you are in compliance with provincial regulations such as distance from septic systems, etc.
  • When meeting with you we will give you a no charge, no obligation written job estimate.
  • Whenever any work proceeds at a site, we encourage you to be present if possible or at least visit us as often as you can in order to monitor the progress first hand.
  • Working in this manner over the years has built and insures our company's integrity & trust by you - our valued customer.
  • All of our well construction materials & procedures meet or exceed regulation.
  • An example of a required regulation is well development at the completion of the well. The well must be pumped for a minimum of one hour. This helps bring the water clarity closer to a useable condition. Some companies don't do this at all.

- Pumps -

  • At Baird's Well Drilling we sell, install & service pump systems. We use only the finest quality Franklin Electric pumps. The majority of pumps installed today are submersible pumps.
  • The submersible pump is the most efficient way to deliver water from your well to the point of use.
  • Our pump systems that we install meet or exceed provincial regulation.
  • The submersible pump has several advantages: Very long life span; Very low energy cost for water delivered; No noise in home (pump is in well); Very low maintenance; No injection or suction problems.
  • We will also choose the correct size of pump for you. We do this by taking into consideration your requirements & the production specs of your well. The correct size pump will give you years of trouble free operation at a lower cost than an improperly sized pump.

- Geothermal Drilling (Open or Closed Loop) -

  • We provide geothermal wells for both open & closed loop system installs & grouting. We will work with you or your geothermal heating contractor to provide the vertical portion of your geo-heating system.
  • Geothermal heating is accomplished by extracting a low grade source of heat from the ground that has a temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius minimum in Nova Scotia. This is accomplished by an open or closed vertical loop system. An open or closed vertical loop system is far superior to a closed horizontal loop system, and air source heat pumps don't even come close. Remember, the warmer the water or ground temperature, the better your efficiency or COP (cost of performance) is going to be.
  • If it is an open system you choose to go with, we drill two wells. The first well will supply water for your domestic and geothermal heat pump furnace, if flow rates allow, and do this with one submersible pump. After the water flows through your geo-furnace, where the heat exchange happens, the water flows back to the second well for recharge back into the aquifer.
  • The placement of wells, flow rate & degrees of temperature used (or more importantly not used) are all crucial to the efficiency of your heating system. If any one of these aspects are wrong, you will lose everything you think you have gained from your geothermal system.
  • A closed loop system differs from an open loop system in that ground water flow rates & returning the water back to the aquifer are not an issue. The bore holes are just that, bore holes as opposed to finished drilled wells in an open loop system. The number of loop bore holes (and their details) required to be drilled are dictated by the heating & cooling requirements of your home or business. Your geo-heating contractor will provide the requirements to us & we will install the vertical bore holes, loops and grouting - which completes the vertical work.
  • A closed loop system is more costly than some others but is very efficient & does not require the direct pumping of ground water. Your geo-heating contractor will make the final connections from outside to your heating unit inside.
  • The closed loop system works by circulating water from the heating unit through one continuous pipe in the ground - through the vertical loops & back to the geothermal furnace. In this way, low grade heat is exchanged from the ground to the loop & back into your home or building. The specs of a closed loop system are also just as crucial to the efficiency of your geothermal system.
  • Air conditioning is also available from geothermal systems.
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