Baird's Well Drilling


Our family history in the drilling business starts at the close of the Second World War. Frank K. Baird and Bill MacQuarrie joined forces to build cable tool drill rigs. Both of them were very good craftsmen, metal workers and mechanics. Bill MacQuarrie in his younger years worked in the oil drilling fields of the USA. Now armed with nothing more than their ability, they started building water well drilling rigs at a location on Main Street, Bible Hill. To the best of our knowledge, just two or three were built and sold before the last one was put into service by Frank K. Baird throughout central Nova Scotia in 1947. Frank was an active member in the early years of the newly formed Driller's Association, which is known today as the Nova Scotia Ground Water Association. Lawrence Watson Baird started his career cable tool drilling in 1955 at the age of 16. In 1967, Lawrence W. Baird took over the business from his father and updated the name from Frank K. Baird & Son Well Drilling, to Baird's Well Drilling. In the next few years there were modest equipment upgrades such as replacing the old 1940's International truck from under the rig with a 1963 GMC truck.

A big change came about in 1975 by the way of a purchase of a modern air hammer rotary drilling rig. The efficiency of the rotary rig proved to be the beginning of the end for the cable tool rigs as the work horse of the drilling business, and so things changed. Lawrence W. Baird also continued to be involved in the Driller's Association over the years.

In 1984, Lawrence's son Dale Lawrence Baird started working for the business doing well and pump work. In 1999, Dale L. Baird worked in the southern US with a drilling company for the winter. Dale started a trucking company in 2000 and operated it until 2007. In 2008, Dale L. Baird took over the business from his father Lawrence W. Baird. With the change of ownership, the business was incorporated and continues to operate in central Nova Scotia serving customers with the integrity and trust that they know and expect.