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How do I choose a well driller?

Much in the same way you would choose a doctor or a dentist. By asking lots of questions and looking for solid answers. Do they have the proper equipment? Does their equipment look well maintained? Do they have references? Are they friendly and courteous? What kinds of materials do they use? Is their pricing in line with a quality product or are they excessively inexpensive?
Remember, if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Since you're more than likely to only drill one well in your lifetime, be sure that you get the well you want rather than a lifetime of headaches by seeking out a so called bargain.
Remember also that a good well & water system contributes to the re-sale value of your property, while a poor one can mean a heavily diminished value in the real estate market.
Also be sure that your drller/pump installer is licensed by the province & is fully insured.

How do I decide where to drill?

Factors such as terrain and accessibility to the well site now and in the future will play a role. Legal distances from both property lines and septic systems, as well as location of future or present homes and out buildings will also determine the drilling location.

How deep will I have to drill to find water?

Most wells vary in depth, construction and yield. Geological formations in your area generally will determine the drill depth and yield of your well, as well as the construction techniques required. By researching the recorded well logs in your area and previous experience, we can help provide you with a more precise idea of what will be necessary for the construction of your well - and a more accurate estimate of the cost involved.

What is casing and how much will I need?

Casing is metal pipe designed to sheath the borehole. Casing is installed until bedrock or an unconsolidated gravel formation with suitable water is reached.

How do you determine what pump is good for my well?

Determining the amount of water available in the well; through drilling or test pumping, accompanied with the amount of water the customer needs; allows us to select the correct pump. This eliminated overpumping the well and reduces cycling time of the pump, which greatly increases the pump and control's longevity.

What is a pressure tank?

A pressure tank is what stores your water and delivers it to your house under pressure until the pump comes on. At that point the pump is doing the work until the tank can be refilled and allow the pump to shut off to let the well recover.

How much will my well and pump cost?

You will need to contact us with your specific needs and location for an accurate estimate. We are a third generation, family owned drilling company who have been in business for over 60 years with a vast wealth of knowledge built up in both water and geothermal drilling. We take pride in our work and welcome the opportunity to provide you with a comprehensive written free estimate for all your proposed work under no obligation to you. You expect a quality service for your money and we provide it!

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